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Retired Nurse Discovers Newest OTC Topical Analgesic That Offers More Than Just Pain Relief.

10/11/2021 7:05:34 AM

(MENAFN- GetNews) A new OTC topical pain reliever is set to offer real pain relief with proven results.

Oct 11, 2021 – Back in 2018, a retired nurse with fibromyalgia and psoriatic arthritis was determined to find a better way to treat her pain. After visiting a hot spring and finding pain relief after soaking in the mineral-rich water, she was inspired to develop a mineral-rich pain reliever.

Elemental Bliss LLC is the result of the same retired nurse efforts.

Elemental Bliss LLC has partnered with Karma Rub an Australian company that discovered and distributes Karma Rub liquid which is a concentrated hot spring mineral brine rich in magnesium and many other essential trace minerals required for optimal health and wellbeing.

Elemental Pain Relief lotion is a pain-relieving product that offers real relief of real pain for a variety of painful ailments and also treats muscle cramps quickly and effectively.

“We are just a few likeminded individuals working on a shoestring budget taking on the big pharma companies who were determined to find a better pain reliever that offers not only significantly better pain relief but also may aid in restoring the bodies mineral stores.” – The retired Nurse who developed Elemental Pain Relief.

“We are excited to prove that Elemental Pain Relief lotion is the gold standard for topical pain relief.” – N.Evans CEO of Elemental Bliss LLC.

Elemental Pain Relief Lotion offers a triple pain-relieving combination of Lidocaine, Karma Rub Mineral Spring Concentrate, and MSM in a rich luxurious unscented lotion for direct pain relief. It helps absorb the benefits of the proven pain-relieving benefits of Lidocaine, the calming effects of a naturally sourced mineral spring concentrate rich in magnesium chloride & sulfate, and other complementary essential trace minerals, and the unique synergistic benefits of MSM.

Elemental Pain Relief lotion is a new otc topical analgesic offering superior pain relief due to a newly discovered combination of synergistic ingredients in an unscented aloe vera & coconut oil base.

About Company

Elemental Bliss LLC was formed in 2020. They offer Elemental Pain Relief lotion, and a Magnesium Infused Body Wash. Elemental Pain Relief is manufactured at an FDA Registered & Inspected facility in Miami Florida, using the highest quality ingredients in a quality controlled environment.

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