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Tired of pain keeping you from truly enjoying your life?

We were too.... So we did something about it.

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Looking for a quick and safe way to deal with body aches and pains ?

We've all had sore or tender muscles and joints at one point. Whether it's because of excessive and improper exercise, an unhealthy lifestyle, or aging, the throbbing we feel can become unbearable enough for our productivity to take a hit!


A quick and simple solution for aching muscles is a topical pain relief cream. Unfortunately, some may contain harmful substances that can lead to unwanted side effects. What you need is one that is safely formulated so that you may get rid of pain without potentially causing further harm.


Manage pain with the Karma Rub Elemental Pain Relief!

Say goodbye to unbearable sensations with our topical cream. Our lotion contains 1.5% lidocaine which has analgesic and calming properties that can help soothe pain caused by sore muscles, cramps, bruises, or post-workout fatigue. Formulated using mineral rich magnesium from our spring in Australia, this ointment is safe to apply on your skin. It's packed with concentrated pure magnesium as well as magnesium sulfate, chloride, and traces of other minerals such as zinc, copper, potassium, and calcium for improved skin penetration. Rub this unscented lotion on your neck, shoulders, back, hips, ankles, or feet to relieve throbbing and soreness. Karma Rub Elemental Pain Relief lotion applies smoothly and won't leave a sticky residue or any unpleasant smells.


Still not convinced? Here are more reasons why you should use Karma Rub Elemental Pain Relief Lotion:

Easy to store. ✅No harsh or harmful ingredients. ✅Fuss-free application. ✅Lightweight and portable. ✅A useful gift for athletes, friends, and family.


Break free from painful muscles and joints. Add the Karma Rub Elemental Pain Relief to your cart TODAY


Unscented    Non Greasy

Muscle Soothing Magnesium

Fast Acting Lidocaine

Anti-inflammatory - MSM

Superior Pain Relief 

We discovered a unique powerful combination of ingredients never before utilized together that offers superior pain relief as well as improving the bodies essential mineral stores. 

Our formula utilizes the proven pain relieving properties of Lidocaine, the anti-inflammatory properties of MSM and all the muscle soothing benefits of Karma Rub, a concentrated essential mineral blend that delivers....



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