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What is Elemental Pain Relief?

Elemental Pain Relief lotion is a newly developed OTC  topical analgesic. Our lotion is made with Lidocaine, Karma Rub and MSM in a Coconut & Aloe Vera Base lotion.  It is unscented and does not feel cool or warm when applied. 


Using MSM, an organic sulfur compound with powerful anti-inflammatory properties and used as a cell permeator, combining the essential trace minerals of Karma Rub along with the fast acting Lidocaine, our lotion allows for an improved cellular uptake of the pain relieving ingredients direct to the source of pain.

Where does Karma Rub  come from?

Karma Rub is naturally sourced from an Australian mineral spring reservoir/aqueduct and bottled just as nature supplies it. All natural and organic product.

Can I use Elemental Pain Relief if I am allergic to sulfa drugs?

There is a big misconception when it comes to “sulfur allergies” – there is actually no such thing. Sulfur is one of the most abundant elements in the human body and is essential to life. Sulfur is found in many common foods that we eat every day including fish, poultry, eggs, milk, onions, garlic, and cabbage. Being allergic to sulfur is simply not possible because we cannot live without it.


When a person says that they are allergic to sulfur, what they actually mean is that they are either sensitive to sulfites, which are preservatives found in red wines and some foods, or that they are allergic to sulfonamides, found in sulfa antibiotic drugs.

Sulfites and sulfonamides, even though they sound similar to sulfur in name, are very different from one another and have unrelated mechanisms of action.

Can I sell Karma Rub infused products?

Absolutely! We are always wanting others to join our team. Contact us today in the box below to learn more about becoming a distributor.

What if I feel stinging after using Elemental Pain Relief Lotion?

If you have sensitive skin, or have open wounds, you may feel stinging because our lotion contains Magnesium which is a pure salt mineral. 

Rinse lotion off area and wait for open areas to heal prior to use.

Why Magnesium in a Body Wash?

Magnesium is used by the body to generate cellular growth, enhance the system's ability to carry electrical signals via nerves and carry oxygen via cells to and from the muscles.

Magnesium is known to relax the nervous system, muscles and tendons. Exercise, stress and using stimulants like caffeine, alcohol, cigarettes and taking pharmaceuticals can deplete magnesium levels in the body.

Regular us of Karma Rub Magnesium Body Wash will improve your body's intake of this essential mineral which may help with headaches, muscle fatigue & cramps, joint pain and sleeplessness.


It may be useful in the relief of arthritic conditions, muscle strains, pain and in the treatment of skin disorders.

Why does Elemental Pain Relief lotion sometimes feel gritty when applied?

The MSM which is an organic sulfur compound is a crystal like substance and at times becomes recrystallized if temperatures are cold or if exposed to air such as if the bottle lid is not completely tightened properly after each use.

Try shaking bottle prior to each use and although this does not affect the formula in a negative manner, it can cause unwanted gritty feeling when applied.


The closed bottle can be placed in a bowl of warm water to redistribute the MSM crystals back into their liquid form.   Approximately 10 minutes in bowl of warm water should suffice.

What is MSM?

Methylsulfonylmethane – known as MSM – is an organosulfur compound. This naturally occurring sulfur is found in all vertebrates – It can be obtained through a variety of food sources in small amounts, but occurs higher in [raw] nutritionally-dense foods such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, and cabbage – as well as dairy products and certain cuts of meat. 


Benefits that have been attributed to MSM 

· One of its best and most well-known uses involves pain management. Research has shown MSM to be effective against joint and muscle pain, stiffness, and soreness – helping conditions such as bursitis, tendonitis, and gout.  Since sulfur is critical for the health and strength of joint tissues (e.g. cartilage), this component of MSM is of primary interest in conditions and stresses affecting those areas.

· Research has also shown MSM to be useful with various forms of arthritis – not only for pain management but as an anti-inflammatory agent as well, helping to reduce arthritic swelling.


Many users of both internal and external MSM have reported softer, smoother, and more “elastic” skin resulting from its use.


MSM improves the permeability of cell membranes.  This improves the uptake of nutrients and many vitamins and elimination of waste products and excess cellular fluids.

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